Meet the Contributors: Nat and Jen Whitman

Book Chapter: How to be a Storyteller In the Classroom

How to be a storyteller in a classroom situation with Nat and Jen Whitman. Book Excerpt: Storytelling is one of our oldest teaching techniques. For ages, story has been used to teach children the values their culture holds dear and to pass on the history of their people. The story form connects with our human brains and allows us to learn new content in an enjoyable manner. Today, we can harness this power of story in our classrooms. Stories can help us reach students with concepts central to our curriculum, while allowing children to joyously play with language, music, and movement. Don’t let your students miss out on the delight of sharing a good story. Once you experience the rapt engagement that a story draws from your students, you will want to use stories every day!

Jen and Nat Whitman are storytellers and international educators who have been performing as a tandem-storytelling team for over fifteen years. Jen and Nat specialize in sharing lively, audience-participation folktales with family audiences. They weave rhythm, music and motion into their performances and encourage listeners to jump up and join in the fun! Originally from the United States, Jen and Nat have taught in schools in Hong Kong, Germany, and Thailand. They are passionate about using storytelling in the classroom and are currently co-authoring a book with Margaret Read MacDonald called, Teaching With Story.

About Storyteller

Sean Buvala has been engaged with storytelling and communication since 1986. From kids in classrooms to bosses in boardrooms, from presenting workshops for global salt miners to consulting with Ph.D.’s in pharmaceuticals, Sean has told and taught stories in nearly every industry and setting. He’s been the boss (and janitor) of a non-profit organization and is currently the entrepreneur-in-charge for his work as the “No-Nonsense Storytelling Coach™.”

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