How to be a Storyteller: Essays and Advice on the Art of Storytelling

Communicate with passion and skill when you learn how to be an effective storyteller. We’ve gathered some great storytellers from around the world to share with you their knowledge and experience.

In this book, you will find 15 original (only in this book!) essays and articles teaching you how to be a storyteller:

•With Basic Techniques
•With Young Children
•At Family Gatherings
•In the K-8 Classroom
•Telling Historical Tales
•Around a Campfire
•In a Library Setting
•With Adults
•With Senior Citizens
•With Adolescents and Teens
•In a Courtroom
•At a Story Slam
•Across Language Barriers
•Creating Great Characters
•Using Advanced Techniques

If you are communicating with others, oral storytelling will always be the foundation with which you must begin. Just to be clear, this book is about the art and methods of oral storytelling. If you are looking for advice solely on writing stories or presenting them through digital or other non-verbal means, this book will not teach you any of that specifically. However, everyone, in any art form, school, business or non-profit organization benefits by upgrading their talent in oral storytelling. Pick up this book today and be on your way to new skills.

Contributors to this book are experienced storytellers and communicators. You’ll find articles by Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald, Sean Buvala, Glenda Bonin, Karol Brown, John Weaver, Leeny Del Seamonds, Jen and Nat Whitman, Elly Reidy, Carol Esterreicher, Tim Ereneta, Chris King, Leslie Slape, Mark Goldman, Kathy Jessup and Dr. Wajuppa Tossa.

Your new book on oral storytelling is edited by K. Sean Buvala, the founder and director of As part of our 15th Anniversary year, we’ve brought you this unique collection of works.

Use this book to grow your own abilities or make it the “book of the month” for your storytelling guild or public-speaking discussion groups. The diversity of opinions in the book will give you lots to think about and lots to discuss with your peers.

The Kindle version includes the cover, a working Table of Contents and links to the authors’ websites. Start with the first article from the editor: “Diversity.” Then, jump about between the articles and essays as you like.

When you are done with the book and want to learn even more, you’ll find more information on our website, linked inside the book.

Get your Kindle copy today when you click here.

About Storyteller

Sean Buvala has been engaged with storytelling and communication since 1986. From kids in classrooms to bosses in boardrooms, from presenting workshops for global salt miners to consulting with Ph.D.’s in pharmaceuticals, Sean has told and taught stories in nearly every industry and setting. He’s been the boss (and janitor) of a non-profit organization and is currently the entrepreneur-in-charge for his work as the “No-Nonsense Storytelling Coach™.”

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